Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mari Ramos = "I'm Carol"

Okay, some people might interpret this as not such a nice post, but I'm just calling things like I see them.

I can't recall the first time I saw Mari Ramos on TV, but think it was this past March on vacation. While it's not immediately obvious from seeing her head shot at the above link, if/when you see and hear Mari live, I think the connection becomes more clear: Mari Ramos resembles the SNL "I'm Carol" character, as portrayed by Horatio Sanz.

Even from the stills below, I think if you keep an open mind, you'll see what I'm talking about.

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Finally, from the nothing-should-be-a-surprise department, there are people who have pages of Mari Ramos photos.

Originally posted 1/6/07


Kiwi Ian said...

I have a hearing problem and the Mari Ramos's of this world, who have English as a second language, and who talk fast and with the speech inflections of their native tongues, are virtually intelligible. Why she's used by CNN (or any English speaking TV channel, is a mystery.
P.S. I have no problems with any other weather presenter I've encountered on news channels.

dan said...

i wrote to Mari at CNN and asked her to try to lose some weight.

Dear Mari
I just want to know if you intend to try to lose weight or you just don;t care.
In a world of overweight people, u are a bad role model on CNN. i say
this with compassion, lose weight, dear, try!

ANd Marie Ramos, i hate to say this, you will kill me, for this,
but does CNN get many complaints from viewers for her large size.? I
have to change the channel every time I hear her voice and see her fat
figure, I know this is wrong, but her fat person LOOK just looks bad
on TV, esp in Asia where all my Asian friends ask my why Americans are
so FAT? and then Marie comes on FAT. It's been a few years already,
has she tried to lose weight at all. I hate to be prejudice this way,
but it is an emotional reaction to fat people. Maybe she has a disease
and then I can understand, but if she just eats too much, UGH......I
can;t stand her on air........she should have back room job......sigh

Gringa said...

I can't believe I found similiar feelings about Mari Ramos's girth here! It's terrible, but I, too, have written CNN to investigate further. It's amazing to me that a channel of such caliber has such a large weather woman filling up more of the screen than major storms. This is not a joke, it's distracting. It's horrible to be discriminatory, but we are the "customers" at the end of the day and trying to find the hurricanes or storms "around" the weather woman shouldn't be happening.

dan said...

you are right. BUT you can write to Mari and tell her your feelings. I did and she has been losing weight ever since she got the email. really. she is aware of the girth problem, but in Nicaragua where she is from, her girth is normal for some women, so no biggie for her. She is really trying to lose weight now. And she has lost alot since last year. Email her at

she is a good egg.

R. L. Jones, II said...

Why are so many of you people so twisted!? Kiwi Ian should learn how to use English as good as Mari does. Those of you who are literate will quickly see what I mean. Also, not all on-air personalities have to be ultra thin and look WASPish like many of us. Bet none of you complain about the unintelligible Kiwi, Cockney, Sardinian or other accents. Perhaps Kiwi Ian should invest in a hearing aid and take off his obvious racial blinders. LAY OFF MARI--GIVE HER A CHANCE---SHE'S REALLY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (articulate also).

GenerationXpat said...

Having taught ESL around the globe, teaching various Asian nationalities, Aboriginals and Arabs, Mari Ramos has mastered English.
Get over the weight issue.
Think of it this way - She is from a country which has little international exposure (Nicaragua). I think she has done pretty well for herself. Hope you can appreciate some of the hurdles she has overcome in life.. she's a woman, English is her 2nd language, she has a job presenting on international TV! WoW! What an achiever!

dan said...

she IS a GREAT woman, mom, wife, reporter, but hey, she COULD lose weight if she wanted to, it
s a world health epidemic. No?

Rachel said...

Marie is beautiful;i saw her today for the first time and am so happy that finally big is beautiful even on screen;its ok for people who have issues with big people thats their opinion;my day was highlighted by seeing a big gal not some blonde....i like that u r healthy ,big and beautiful

dan said...

Rachel, you make a good point.....STILL, obesity is a global epidemic. Doesn't Mari and CNN have some responsibiloty here? Or not? Your POV?

TheAverageWomanIsTooGoodForMan said...

Some of you people make me sick. Wtf gives you the right to write to Mari and call her fat? Tell her (and her employer, FFS) that she's setting a bad example? One curvy woman among the plethora of plastic anorexics - who don't even represent the majority of normal women - and you all have a hissy fit.

Have you been so brainwashed by patriarchal idea of what a woman should look like that one relatively NORMAL looking woman sends you screaming for the hills? And the sheer arrogance of you, writing to someone and calling them fat; complaining to their employer! How the hell would you like it if someone wrote to you and called you superficial? Or bigoted? Elitist? Nasty? Or just plain effing RUDE?
Ye gads, you make me feel sick. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are ignorant and shallow - because people like you are poor ambassadors for the country.